Seeing Excellence Emerge in our Districts and Schools (PBIS SEEDS)

Implementing SWPBIS is neither a quick nor easy process. Those who are implementing well must carefully consider the needs and capacity of their schools and develop an approach to address all critical elements in a way that works for them. They then engage in team-based activities to meet those needs and determine the effectiveness of their actions. PBIS SEEDS is designed to share activities and strategies used by schools in Mississippi. The activities described are pieces of larger efforts of schools and districts that are seeing the results of their PBIS efforts. They are specific ways to meet particular needs identified within the larger school improvement processes.

PBIS SEEDS is an annual publication of REACH MS which showcases the ideas, efforts and outcomes realized by Mississippi districts and schools implementing school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports (SWPBIS). Each volume showcases ways to implement one or more of the critical elements.

SEEDS Volume 9, Fall 2019 (PDF)
SEEDS Volume 9, Fall 2019 (Accessible PDF)

SEEDS Rubric (PDF)

Application for Next Volume of SEEDS (PDF)