PBIS Model Site Visits


REACH MS now has over 70 PBIS Model Sites (Pre K – K-12). While the majority of them are at the Tier 1 level, we also have model site schools at the Tier 2 level. All of these schools are open to “visits” by other schools who are interested in observing the PBIS process in action. When an official visit is made and the required forms are submitted, the hosting school receives a $100 stipend and the visiting school receives a $200 stipend. This allows visiting schools to obtain valuable information and receive money to either offset travel costs or to add to their PBIS fund. It also gives the hosting school an opportunity to share their knowledge and to demonstrate what they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Our goal in this is to continue to grow the REACH MS PBIS network across our state by connecting our schools who so graciously support one another.

See our list of K-12 Model Sites for schools close to you and their contact information.