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OWL Alignment to SEL

Alignment of SEL to the OWL Curriculum

REACH MS has developed resources to support the intentional teaching of social emotional skills for pre-k classrooms by aligning the statewide pre-k curriculum (OWL) to the Mississippi Early Learning Standards for Classrooms Serving Infants Through Four-Year-Old Children, setting a weekly focus skill, and providing resources to support intentional teaching of the focus skill. The following documents are below: an alignment document, a document that explains how to intentionally teach social emotional skills, weekly sheets of social emotional resources for each week of the school year, and a set of instructions for using the weekly sheets. Programs not using the OWL curriculum can use the information on the weekly sheets for teaching the focus social emotional skill at the place it occurs in their curriculum implementation.

OWL/SEL Alignment Document

This document provides the performance standard alignment and weekly focus skill for all 8 units in OWL as well as for the first couple days/weeks of school before most pre-k classrooms begin OWL.

Intentionally Teaching Social Emotional Skills

This document details the Teach, Practice, and Reinforce method – a common instructional practice for any skill – framed with social emotional skills in mind.

Weekly Sheet Instructions

This document explains how to use the weekly sheets below and provides some general information that can be incorporated across weeks.

Weekly Sheets

A weekly sheet that contains strategies, activities, visuals, and other resources is below for each week in the 8 units of OWL as well as for the first few days/weeks of school before beginning OWL. (Weekly sheets will be added throughout the year.)

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