UDL Model Sites Overview


REACH MS UDL Model Sites will implement Universal Design for Learning Principles with fidelity as assessed by the Classroom Site Evaluation Tool (C-SET).

  1. Classroom teachers scoring at least 90% on the Implementation Fidelity Tool under every principle will become eligible to receive model site recognition.
  2. REACH MS will send grant staff to administer the C-SET.
  3. REACH MS staff will complete the C-SET report and return it to the school administrator and other pertinent stakeholders.
  4. Classrooms scoring at least 90% on the C-SET will become a REACH MS UDL Classroom Model Site.
    1. Schools will sign and return the Model Site Agreement document.
    2. Schools will commit to submitting universal screener data to REACH MS for Fall/Winter/Spring, schools that do not provide data will not be eligible for REACH MS Model Site status.
    3. Schools will be re-evaluated to maintain UDL Model Site status.
  1. Schools will receive a $500.00 incentive for attaining a Model Site status.
    1. Classroom/School will receive a $100.00 incentive for hosting other schools/district UDL Teams (team is defined as three or more people).
    2. To receive the incentive, the hosting school must complete a REACH MS Model Site Visit Form and return it to the REACH MS office.
    3. Visiting schools will receive $200.00 to supplement travel cost. The visiting school team (team is defined as three or more people) must complete a Model Site Visit Evaluation Form. The hosting school will return the forms to REACH MS.


UDL Model Site Requirements Agreement (docx)

Incentives may not exceed REACH MS’s annual budgeted amount.