UDL Professional Development Overview and Registration

Multi-Tiered System of Supports

UDL 101 Training Series

Expert Learners

Designing Lessons for Variability




UDL 101 Part 1 will introduce participants to Universal Design during a three-part series spread out over the school year.  The initial two-day training will:

Provide knowledge of the theory and research basis of UDL.

Introduce participants to the three UDL Principles:

  • Providing Multiple Means of Engagement by providing options for recruiting interest, sustaining effort/persistence, and self-regulation.
  • Providing Multiple Means of Representation by providing options for perception, language, mathematical expressions, symbols, and comprehension.
  • Providing Multiple Means of Action and Expression by providing options for physical action, expression/communication and in managing oneself/one’s resources in order to achieve a goal (executive function).

Allow participants an in depth analysis and application of the Accessibility Tier across the three UDL principles.

UDL 101 Part 2 will focus primarily on Building Capacity, the second tier across the three principles.

UDL 101 Part 3 will focus primarily on the Internalizing, the final tier across the three principles.



Expert Learners is a one-day training for 2nd year participants which focuses on designing learning environments that enable all learners to become purposeful & motivated, resourceful & knowledgeable, and strategic & goal-directed.

Designing Lessons for Variability is a one-day training for 2nd year participants which allows participants to develop strategies for designing curriculum aligned to educational standards for varied learners which support engagement and achievement while also applying the UDL Principles to make curriculum more effective.



UDL 101 Course– provided by MDE online as a 6-week open course once a year through Canvas. The course will provide an overview of the UDL principles and beginning lesson design implementation.